Permanent Eyebrows


Why permanent eyebrows or microblading?

 Eyebrows are the most important feature of your face. They frame the eyes and give the face expression. Brows that may be too light in color, too thin, sparse or even non-existent are can be filled in with natural-looking hair strokes or by micro-pigmentation.


At Brow and Skin we study the shape and contours of your face, and its unique bone structure. Eyebrows are tweezed into their most flattering shape, utilizing each hair in the natural eyebrow. Then, corrections in their symmetry and enhancements to their shape are drawn in with pencil. Once you and Suji have agreed on the shape, she will help you select the most complementary color for your skin and hair color. Suji offers the style that you can trust. Each of our clients leaves our studio with natural-looking permanent eyebrows that suit and enhance her individual facial expression. At Brow and Skin, we never impose a one-size-fits-all style—instead, we tailor the style to your unique and individual aesthetic. We service permanent eyebrow in Tampa Bay area.

Permanent Eyebrows FAQ’s:

1. How long does it take for permanent eyebrows to fade?

 On average, it takes 2-6 years for permanent eyebrows to fade. This mainly depends on application method and pigment color. The hand-held application method is much more delicate and thus, will fade faster. If the pigment is a light color, it will fade faster. This is due to our skin’s self exfoliating mechanism that occurs every 28 to 45 days.  To preserve and prolong the appearance of permanent eyebrows, it is important to use gentle cleanser, to not over-exfoliate, and to use sunscreen thoroughly.

2. Is it worth it to have permanent eyebrows done?

Permanent makeup is certainly an option worth considering. It accommodates those who lack the skill of penciling-in their own brows, for those who are allergic to makeup product, individuals with a busy schedule/lifestyle, and for cancer survivors. Eyebrows frame and define the face, and when applied correctly, the results definitely show the strengths of its merits.

3. What is the different between Microblading and Hand-Application method?

The overarching difference between the two is that Microblading is the process of pressing and dragging the application pen, whereas Hand-Application taps the application pen atop the skin’s surface. Hand-Application is preferable for those with delicate and sensitive skin.

       The Microblading pen consists of a row of fine needles that penetrate the skin simultaneously when pressed to the skin’s surface. While pressing down, the pen is dragged along the skin, essentially creating a column of light incisions. For these reasons, Microblading is not the right method for every skin type.

      The Hand-Application method, also utilizes a similar pen. However, the pen is not dragged across skin, but is instead tapped gently atop the skins surface, avoiding the drag-incision making.

4. Is Microblading a new method?

No, Microblading has been around for decades, if not more. Early permanent makeup utilized this method greatly. It is the emergence of branding that has advertised this method in a sensationalist way.

5. Is there a way to fix permanent eyebrows?

Suji is renown in her ability to correct permanent makeup, color correction and microblading color correction. The process entails of many tasks, but mainly, it takes patience for the desirable corrected results to come through. Permanent makeup correction is certainly possible!