Micro Blading


What is Microblading?

 Micro Blading is a semi-permanent technique that is manually done with a natural feathering approach to give you beautifully designed brows with a fuller and thicker finish. Why Micro Blading? Micro Blading is the best alternative to makeup or even other permanent makeup procedures. It looks very natural and is semi-permanent, so there is no major commitment. You will love the results of Micro Blading manual method.

Microblading Tools and Techniques

 We use precision instruments for our microblading services. Microblading uses a manual handheld applicator as opposed to an abrasive tattooing machine used in regular tattoos. With a smaller device, permanent makeup artists are able to get finer detail and fabricate very natural-looking features, such as simulating the appearance of hair in eyebrows. With the ability to draw hair strokes, the Microblading technique has been most desirable to those looking for a natural and accentuating look. 

Differences Between Microblading and Hand Application Methods

 The difference between the Microblading and Hand-Application method is that the former process involves pressing and dragging the application pen, whereas the latter involves tapping the application pen atop the skin’s surface. The Microblading pen consists of a row of fine needles that penetrate the skin simultaneously when pressed to the skin’s surface, also making note that the Microblade applicator presses the skin at a specific angle. While pressing down, the pen is dragged along the skin, essentially creating a column of light incisions. For these reasons, Microblading is not the right method for every skin type. The Hand-Application method also utilizes a similar pen. However, the pen is not dragged across skin, but is instead tapped gently atop the skins surface, avoiding the drag-incision making. 

Is Microblading a New Method of Permanent Makeup?

 It is important to note that Microblading is certainly not a new method. This technique has been around for decades, if not more. Early permanent makeup has greatly made use of this method, but the emergence of branding and advertising has introduced this method as a recent sensational development.